Sunday, November 14, 2010

The Scone Pony, Spring Lake NJ

"Oy vey!"... that's all, just... "Oy vey!", and maybe, "Oy Gavult!"...

True story:  I was walking down 3rd Ave. in Spring Lake, and @ the corner of 3rd and Washington, theeee most incredible bakery-eau-de-perfume, filled the air.   It was a most inescapable lure to anyone that passed by and I found myself in an involuntary fast-walk toward the The Scone Pony .

I arrived at bakery rush-hour, (8:30 AM Saturday morn)... great energy, and OH! the smells.   A versed crew, prepared and helpful, were all moving about, mixing, pouring, assembling, icing, serving... like a well rehearsed dance troupe...  all doing the too-many-bodies-in-a-tight-space dance, which was  choreographed and preformed to a standing "o" of several customers.

Here are but a few samplings of what I took home:

Pecan maple syrup turnover ~ Sugary icing drizzled atop, (which did not overpower the other flavors present, but, added to the potpourri of the whole).   Pecans were fresh and moist (without being baked-dry and unpalatable, as oft happens by lesser talented bake shops).  The pastry was pully and flaky, without being dry and crumbly (a feat very difficult to master in production, might I add).

Crumb cake ~  Cinnamony-sugar topping was perfect; firm/crumbly without being hard-ish or stealing the stage from the moist goodness of the cake below.  The cake part of the crumb cake equation was moist, and delish, and, dense in the best of ways. Scoop:  If you arrive, and the crumb cake is warm from recent oven removal; double your intended order.  It really is that good.

Blueberry Scone ~  Sugary crust goodness outside, fall apart moist magical goodness inside, with hint of a vanilla note.  Blueberries were real and whole and tasted just-picked.  Personal touch:  I go the ying-yang of very hot, strong, robust coffee with my scone... soo good.

Peanut butter Sandwich cookie ~  A peanut butter party-popper exploding in your mouth.  Texture, crumbly oh-so delish peanutbutter cookie, with creamy peanut butter slathered in between, made for a crumbly peanut butter cookie-vs-sweet/peanutty/cream event, swirling about, mouthward.

A few words about the talented staff ~  The passion of the Scone Pony bakers is easy to attest to, and so obvious as each item purchased is enjoyed.  Here, product is as it should be.  No flavors or textures are cartoonishly overstated (as seems to be the case more and more these days, as ingredients like high-fructose corn syrups and the plethora of artificial sweetener products weed there way into every item on the supermarket shelf),  There is a respect for the costumers palate, knowing that baking is a craft, and that the customer is appreciative of baked goods that are wondrously good, and taste as they were always meant to when prepared by a talented baker.  

Service ~  Quality service is a talent, real and discernible, and deserves a hat tip where ever and when ever it is observed. When folks can remain not only calm and cool while serving a gaggle of waiting patrons and do it with kindness and patience; they deserve kudos X 10.  This describes the ladies at Scone Pony who so deftly present product & prepare your order.

Advice for home-bakers, from the pros ~  When asked, Mrs. Burchian (head-honcho and philosophical Yoda), had a single bit of advice...  Baking, like life, is all about what you put into it; what you put in, is what you get out.  Use very best, most fresh ingredients, (real cream and butter, fresh whole eggs, quality earth-based products), and don't take short-cuts, be patient.  Wisdom.


  1. Boy Mike you are right on about the Scone Pony. We are all big fans of the Scones; my wife's favorite is the cranberry-orange.

  2. I see they have the crumbcake...ummmm. But do they have the otha-1: the crumbcake with confectioner's sugar instead of the icing-type? The crumbcake, whatever type -- with it's delicate balance of 'crumb' topping thickness to soft-cake supporting tower -- may well be the world's most pleasing Sunday breakfast. Oh, the memories...

  3. I think a roadtrip is in order.....