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Coffee & Eggs ~ {post 1 of 2}

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Eggs & Coffee  ~  { post 1 of 2 }
Even on the most hectic day, when the world seems to be moving in concert to thwart my every effort; as my head hits the pillow in the evening, I take solace in a single thought:  “Breakfast”.  In my kitchen, always at the ready, for the start of the day, is coffee and eggs.  But not your ordinary coffee & eggs…  The bestest, freshest,  most delish coffee & eggs in the world. 
THE COFFEE ~  My coffee purveyor go-to is  Asbury Park Roastery .   My current coffee-of-choice obsession is the Costa Rican (dark roast).  Bold, lots of character and flavor, and stands up well to the smidge of 2% milk that I add.  

I am SO psyched (and appreciative) that Alli Kennedy, founder/owner of Asbury Park Roastery, was kind enough to spend some time with me for this post,  educating me about coffee and passing on the story of Asbury Park Roastery ("A P R" for the sake of brevity, herein).  With much neighborhood foot traffic making with the in-n-out as we spoke,  Alli, with humble pride and a sense community allowed me access to the world of A P R.

Alli, it seems, was born to do exactly what she is doing... she is approachable, warm, and has a devotion for her craft that is contagious.  Alli learned her craft the old-school way; through apprenticeship, mentoring and a strong work ethic.  A P R has evolved (slowly), building confidence of spirit, predicated upon experience, to be what it is today… a mecca for coffee and tea enthusiasts, with a capable, accessible owner and purveyor of a super quality product, and Good Will.  Alli knows her trade and builds a congregation of the knowledgeable and the dedicated.
True coffee roasting, as it takes place @ A P R, is very akin to wine making.  It is a learned process, that never stops evolving.  It is about intricacies, and knowledge of product.  It’s about having an ardency and knowledge base  that ranges from fruit harvesting & the seed production process to transportation techniques, to the constant tweaking of the roasting process to fruition of the final product.  It’s about passion and dedication. 

Tips from the Master Roaster, Alli Kennedy:
1)  Water.  The 2nd most important component in a quality cup of coffee.  Filtered tap water is the go-to of choice.  As filtering will produce H20 void of  minerals and such that detract from taste.
2)  Choice of coffee.  Seems pretty obvious, but, opting for a higher quality product, when it comes to coffee,  makes a dramatic difference.  And, if we think through to fruition;  a cup of coffee is the opening volley in the starting of the day.  Why not make it an “event” rather than just a cup a joe.
3)  Be sure to add enough coffee!  The Coffee Industrial Complex would have us believe that it’s 1 tlb. Per 8 oz cup.  “Nay!” says Alli.  The true amount is 2 tlbs. Per 8oz cup, which ensures body, character and taste.
4)  Be sure that if you use an automatic coffee maker, that the resting temperature is high enough.  Each cup of coffee should be hot and not warm.  4a) Paper filter over metallic filter, is the personal choice of Alli… and me too!  
END NOTE & humble observation ~  Starbucks seems to have cornered the market on the caffeine “social scene & be seen”, scene.  As well, Starbucks has an unending plethora of styles, flavors and sizes to meet every quirky niche'.  Hat tip to them.  

However, if you are a coffee/tea enthusiast unfettered by the aforementioned scene and niche eccentricities, who appreciates coffee as roasted to perfection by a local resident, with deep and appreciable roots in the community, please do try Asbury Park Roastery .  The ultra- freshness of the coffee, the vibrancy that is Asbury Park and the open warmth extending from Alli, all combine and lend itself to making a new habitual routine for coffee needs}.

Quickie sidebar ~  A P R also offers "coffee in a box" service to go.  A really great alternative to the usual offering brought to a gathering.  Walk in with A P R's "coffee in a box" , and wala!, you're the most popular kid at the party. 

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